Monday, 16 April 2012

Carnival Two-Tier Bunting Necklace

After recieving a copy of 'State of Craft' by Victoria Woodcock, we were imediately inspired by the bunting necklace, a guest submission by Lucie Ellen. Lucie suggests using MDF or plywood to create the triangles however we used high-density PVC (plastic) as it was easier to cut and drill through. Most important of all though, it's free if you recycle plastic from around your house! To decorate our triangles we cut floral patterns from magazines and scraps of intricate floral fabrics which we PVA glued on then sealed with clear nail varnish. Although Lucie often sticks to block colours, we felt far too inspired by our fabric scraps not to use them for a project as adorable as this! We were so, so happy with our necklace and are in the process of making another one. Chains and jump rings are very cheap from websites such as ebay, and with recycled plastic you could make this necklace for barely any money at all!

View Lucie Ellen's website here
Buy 'State of Craft' by Victoria Woodcock here

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