Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tape Measure Rosette and Bracelet

After coveting 'How To Make Jewellery' by Tatty Devine for many weeks, we finally got our hands on a copy! But what we didn't forsee was the problem of deciding which of the incredible projects to make first! We chose to play it safe and create a tape measure rosette which, from the tutorial, only requires a punch and two split pins. You can't go wrong with that! The rosette only took ten minutes to make and we were so pleased with the result! The second item is a bracelet made from a scrap of tape measure fastened by a press stud. This bracelet (which is not from the Tatty Devine book but is an A & C idea) took even less time, with only minimal stitching involved. All that was required was to stitch the press stud on after cutting the tape to fit. To add extra detail (and cover up the stitching) you could glue on a button as we have; this really finishes the piece.

There is something so adorable about these tape measure items, especially knowing that they are simple and cheap to make. An absolute essential for any craft-lover! 

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