Friday, 15 February 2013

The Best Way to Spend Valentine's Day

It's a little late now but we thought we'd report on our Valentine's day, celebrating our greatest love, crafting!

On wednesday we visited Gillian Gladrag's incredible 'Fluff-a-torium' shop in Dorking, and bought ourselves her new book 'Carnival of Felting' and her 'Anemone-Ome' corsage kit which we spent wednesday evening and yesterday morning working on. Felting the corsage was such a therapeutic process, we are completely in love! Gillian Gladrag's kits are beautiful, with such bright colours, and the instructions are so easy to follow that it becomes impossible to drag yourself away! We can't wait to visit the Fluff-a-torium again soon!

After finishing the corsage, I (A) began working on a project I'd wanted to start for a while, an cushion cover made from a tea-towel. Tea-towels are often so pretty and cheaper than metre-fabric if you are making something small like a cushion. Recently C received a Tunnock's 'Teacake tea towel' which was just too beautiful to use for it's primary purpose, so I decided to make it into a cushion. It was so simple to make, just turning over the top and bottom then sewing the sides to make an envelope back which I fixed with two bright red buttons. The teacake design is so classic and retro, I just adore it. Yesterday was definitely the most appropriate day to make it, and I've fallen in love with my valentine's cushion which will stay on display all year round! 

Lastly we were desperate to join in the 'Sheepish Heartbombing Day' hosted by One Sheepish Girl's Meredith, after we missed the last yarnbombing day she hosted last year. We wanted to bring a little love and fun to our little village so were really excited to create our hearts and display them for the public to see. I was a little less brave than C as we quickly hung our creations, photographed them then ran away however it was so much fun! We loved sharing a little bit of love in our community this Valentine's Day! 

Did you do any Valentine's Day crafting this year? 


  1. Arrgh your hearts are so sweet, they look lovely on the post box! I also joined the campaign by bombing Bath yesterday, made me so happy!

    Good work ladies :)

    gemma typically.pretty.english


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