Sunday, 29 July 2012

Homemade Macaroons

Today, In a break from crochet in front of the Olympics, we made our own macaroons! We fell in love with macaroons a little while ago in London, so thought that we'd make our own. We used the recipe for 'Mocktail Macaroons' from the Great British Bake Off Book which gave three different flavours, mint and lime, cranberry and orange and pineapple jam. This was the first time we'd made macaroons so it was somewhat of an experiment! However, they worked really well and were just the right gooey consistency in the middle. The cranberry and orange macaroons worked the best, as they stayed in beautiful circle shapes but the tastiest were easily the mint and lime ones! Lovely! We are rather proud of them, they look wonderful...and taste wonderful too!

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