Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Morning at the Market

We can only apologise for how quiet we have been recently! In late September I (A) moved to Bath, Somerset to begin a degree at Bath School of Art an Design, and since then we have both been getting used to being apart and, in my case, living alone in an unusual city. However, It seems as though this has been successful and I have completely fallen in love with Bath. It is beautiful and there is always something to see, whether it be street music, art of the unconventional fashions of the art school students! I will continue to post about my adventures in Bath, and the crafts that I do, over the next few weeks so there will be lots more to see!

Today's adventures involved a trip to Green Park Station's Vintage and Antiques Market, which falls on the last sunday of every month. I had been desperate to go since I moved to Bath, and seeing as it is only just down the road from me it was the perfect activity for an overcast autumn day. I did not get the chance to take too many photos as I was scouting for vintage lace for my textiles project, however I did manage to take a few...

1. I ran into this well-dressed gentleman - a reminder that halloween is just around the corner!
2. Always a fan of typewriters, I spotted this brilliant shiny-silver one!
3. Teacups, hundreds and hundreds of them! It was like one huge, beautiful tea party!
4. I loved this simple but beautiful stencilled lace letter holder! I really want to have a go at this.
5. I had to give in and buy this stunning little brooch - only £5! Bargain! I can't wait to wear it on one of my heavy autumn jumpers!

As my project is on vintage lace and fabrics, I was determined to find some at the market and I did however they look too pretty to use!

The Green Park Station Market is brilliant! I recommend it to anyone who is in the area. There is so much to see and do! It's fantastic!

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