Sunday, 11 November 2012

Crazy Button Necklace!

Neutral fabric, buttons, length of 1cm width ribbon, a few beads

This necklace was inspired by the wonderful collection of ‘odds and sods’ of buttons I have acquired over the years and didn’t want to lose in the depths of my button box…..coupled with the wonderful gift of some gorgeous buttons from my lovely daughter!

First, I cut out two identical pieces of some neutral coloured fabric in a loose ‘v’ shape and sewed them together leaving a small gap for turning right side out.

After turning right side out, I ironed the fabric paying particular attention to the seams and neatly oversewed the gap. Then came the fun bit. I sorted through my copious button collection, vintage and new, large, medium and very small and selected my favourites, laying them side by side and as closely to each other as possible to make sure I had enough to completely cover the fabric. Once I was satisfied, I sewed them on one by on.

I then then finished off the necklace by sewing a length of ribbon to the top of each side of the ‘v’ with a few neutral wooden beads threaded and knotted on for good measure. I love it!

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